Who We Are

We’d like to show you how to fall in love with gardening!

Carolyn Styles was born and raised on a dairy farm in Kinburn. A veteran business owner for a quarter of a century, once she stepped into the greenhouse industry she fell in love with gardening and growing. She has never looked back. 

Elizabeth Salter studied agriculture, horticulture, and floristry. She has been working in the landscape and greenhouse industry since she was just fourteen years old. It has been her dream to build a greenhouse. 

Together, Carolyn and Elizabeth built Ramsay Creek around the dream of making gardening more accessible to everyone.

The Team

Our incredible staff along the back are Wanda, Melanie, Emma (in training), Ellen, and Rhonda. Along the front are Elizabeth, Carolyn, Margo, and Debby. We also have some very special friends and family not pictured.

We have an amazing team of experienced growers and designers.

Carolyn and Elizabeth